The company obtains the right to use the Mark on the basis of an Agreement with the Center for expert programs of the Russian Organization for Quality.

The typical form of the Mark is shown below.

The specific forms and dimensions of the Mark are determined by the company that has received the right to use it.

Execution of the Mark should be contrasting against the background of the surface on which it is applied.

The Mark can be black and white or color, based on the color of the surface on which it is applied.

The Mark is an indication that the product has successfully passed the evaluation program «World Quality», and therefore it should be applied directly to the product, or on the packaging, on the main fields of labels and labels associated with the product, in places visually accessible to the consumer, as well as on technical, shipping, advertising and information documentation and forms.

The Mark should be easily recognizable and quickly found among other signs.

The same applies to the use of the Mark in printed publications (Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, etc.), on television, in promotional videos, when demonstrating exhibits at exhibitions and fairs, in outdoor advertising, signs.