Evaluation of the quality of goods in the Program «World Quality» consists of two stages.

THE FIRST STAGE is the development of an evaluation program.

THE SECOND STAGE is the evaluation of the quality of the good and the conditions of their production, preparation of an expert report.

If the evaluation results are successful, company receives a diploma and certificate, as well as concludes the agreements on the use of the “World Quality” mark.

Evaluation cost

  • for industrial companies (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, construction, transport, energy, food and light industry) one type of good which manufactured under one regulatory document for – 900 $
  • for sanatorium-resort companies – 200 $ for one type service;
  • for tourist services – from 450 $
  • for other services — from 400 $

The evaluation cost value is not subject to VAT.

The final cost of the evaluation is determined by the quantity, heterogeneity of the presented positions and the difficulty of evaluating a specific good.

An application form can be submitted in two ways:

1. Download the application form, fill it out and send it to our email:

2. Fill out the online application form, which is located at the bottom of the page, click the red button “Send Application form”.

After the application form is received, an employee will process it and will contact you.


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